15 Best Panda Express Menu Items, Ranked By Flavor

15 Best Panda Express Menu Items, Ranked By Flavor? If you don’t know about it, you have come to the right place. Here is all the information about it.

This well-liked fast food restaurant is well-known for its delectable, inexpensive & swiftly prepared Chinese-inspired cuisine.

But it can be difficult to know where to begin with the Menu having so many options. For that reason, We have created this ranking of the top 15 flavors on the Panda Express menu.

We can accommodate your cravings for chicken, steak, shrimp Or vegetables. From traditional favorites like Orange Chicken & Beijing Beef to more daring Selections like Kung Pao Chicken & String Bean Chicken Breast, this list features a variety of foods.

15 Best Panda Express Menu Items

Panda Express is one of your greatest options if you’re craving tasty and practical Asian food. A variety of delicious and healthy menu choices are available at Panda Express, a fast-casual Chinese restaurant.

High quality, fresh ingredients as well as a range of meal choices are what you can count on. Look for the Panda tea bar, new menu options, and timeless classics like their fabled orange chicken while choosing what to eat at Panda Express.

Best Panda Express Menu Items

Since its founding in Glendale, California, in 1983, Panda Express has expanded to have stores all over the world.

It can be reassuring to know that Panda Express is a mainstay at malls and airport food courts if you’re traveling and unsure of what to eat.

The Innovation Kitchen is constantly trying out new recipes and flavors. Through charitable programs like Panda Cares, the business is dedicated to fostering harmony and helping the community.

Every time I go to a Panda Express, I enjoy getting to try a variety of foods. There are many options available, so be sure to read on for a list of the top fifteen Panda Express menu items.

1. Panda Express Grilled Teriyaki Chicken

Best Panda Express Menu Items

Check out the Grilled Teriyaki Chicken for something novel and distinct.

Japanese cuisine includes teriyaki chicken. When deciding to add this staple to its menu, Panda Express made a great decision.

Chicken thighs with teriyaki sauce on the side are offered as the main course at Panda Express. After that, the chicken is hand-sliced to order. When you see the staff cutting your portion in front of you, it’s next-level fresh.

The Teriyaki Chicken maintains its juicy and tenderness because it is made of thigh meat. Another Wok Smart choice is grilled Teriyaki chicken, which is high in protein.

2. Panda Express Crispy Almond Chicken Breast

Best Panda Express Menu Items

A more recent menu addition that is quickly gaining popularity is Crispy Almond Chicken Breast.

White flesh from chickens grown without antibiotics makes up the delicious chicken breast. Customers value this focus on better farming methods and individual health.

They coat the chicken breast portions at Panda Express with their distinctive puffed-rice breading. Then, they wok-toss the chicken with a flavorful soy garlic sauce, freshly sliced green onions, and toasted almonds.

There aren’t many other items on the menu that contain almonds.

The almonds in this case offer a nice crunch. There are many people praising this food, so try it soon.

3. Panda Express Orange Chicken

Best Panda Express Menu Items

Do you know the history of Orange Chicken?

Andy Kao, the executive chef at Panda Express, is credited with creating orange chicken in 1987. For more than 30 years, one of the company’s claims to fame has been its best-selling dish.

The recipe for “The Original Orange Chicken” on the menu begins with precise chopping of boneless chicken slices.

Subsequently, they batter, fry, and wok-toss the chicken in a special orange sauce that blends sweetness and spiciness.

Don’t leave the restaurant without trying this dish; you might even want to order a complete entrée to go.

4. Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Best Panda Express Menu Items

If you’re not fond of fried or breaded chicken, you have the option to try the Black Pepper Chicken, which is another nutritious Wok Smart meal.

This dish consists of marinated chicken, large pieces of celery, and onions, all blended together with a flavorful black pepper sauce.

Although black pepper sounds hot, it is only used as seasoning and not as an excessively hot spice in this recipe. This meal is more tangy than hot in my opinion, and the celery and onions help to mask the pepper flavor.

The sodium content of this dish is very significant, so make sure to drink a lot of water both during and after your meal.

5. Panda Express Mushroom Chicken

Best Panda Express Menu Items

Are you seeking a different approach to chicken?

Panda Express offers diversity by preparing the chicken with various sauces and sides, and the mushroom chicken meal is an additional chance to switch things up.

The menu perfectly captures the aromas and textures by describing this as a “delicate combination” of chicken, zucchini, and mushrooms.

Coated in a mild ginger soy sauce, the mild yet sizable mushrooms, along with the thinly sliced discs of zucchini, accompany the chicken, making for a nutritious dish.

6. Panda Express Beijing Beef

Best Panda Express Menu Items

This customer favorite from Panda Express includes thinly sliced beef sautéed with onions and red bell peppers.

Beijing beef has a deliciously crunchy, fried feel. Then they pour a sweet-tangy sauce over the meat.

The 470 calories in this dish are acceptable for most diets, but the amount of sugar is somewhat high. Therefore, be sure to provide some full rice and healthy vegetables on the side to balance out the meal.

The bell peppers and onion give the sweet sauce a great crunch and fresh counterpoint. This is one of the Panda Express products that many patrons cite as their favorites.

7. Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp

Best Panda Express Menu Items

The shrimp in the Panda Express Honey Walnut Shrimp are the perfect size, bursting with flavor, and served with a delectable sauce.

Large shrimp are first covered with tempura batter and fried in a wok. A honey sauce is then added to finish the dish, and delicious, properly glazed walnuts are placed on top.

As you might expect, this meal mixes delicious salty, sweet, and crunchy flavors and textures. Mayo is typically used in recipes for honey walnut shrimp served at Chinese restaurants.

However, if you don’t like the flavor combination of mayo and battered shrimp, you’ll like this healthier alternative from Panda Express.

8. Panda Express Cream Cheese Rangoon

Best Panda Express Menu Items

A warm Cream Cheese Rangoon is both pleasantly surprising and incredibly delicious to bite into.

You’re in for a treat if you’ve never had a Rangoon. Rangoons, which have a shape similar to a little bag or basket, offer a distinctive fusion of a crispy outside and a smooth, creamy interior.

Although the stuffing of rangoons frequently contains crab, this variation lacks meat.

In this well-liked snack, cream cheese-filled wonton wrappers are deep-fried.

In addition to the mild wonton and cream cheese flavors, Cream Cheese Rangoons also come with a side of sweet and sour sauce for dipping.

9. Panda Express Chicken Egg Roll

Best Panda Express Menu Items

With the Chicken Egg Roll from Panda Express, you can’t go wrong.

It is the ideal starter or side dish to go with your meal. The wonton paper used for the outer layer is thick, crunchy, and crispy.

Glass noodles, bits of chicken, and finely shred cabbage and carrots fill the interior.

Even though meals alone can easily fill you up and satisfy your hunger, it is always worthwhile to make room for an egg roll. One eggroll is included in a small order, while six are included in a big purchase.

10. Panda Express Broccoli Beef

Best Panda Express Menu Items

Beef and broccoli is one of the first dishes that come to mind when I consider ordering Chinese food.

It’s a traditional Chinese delivery dish! Broccoli Beef, a Panda entree, surpasses expectations. Fresh, crisp broccoli and tender, succulent meat are combined with a delicious ginger soy sauce.

The nutritional value of the broccoli beef is an additional benefit. Just 150 calories, 7 grams of fat, and 9 grams of protein are found in a typical serving size.

The sauce adds just a hint of sweetness and saltiness to the dish without becoming overpowering. When you want a filling but a lighter choice, this one is ideal.

The “Wok Smart” option of broccoli beef is covered in more detail in the section after this one.

11. Panda Express String Bean Chicken Breast

Best Panda Express Menu Items

Do you intend to consume more nutritious meals? Thank goodness, Panda Express tries to accommodate different dietary needs.

For more on allergens and nutrition, see their website. A little green wok marked “Wok Smart” is another thing to keep an eye out for on their menu. Wok Smart meals have no more than 300 calories and 8 grams of protein.

As a Wok Smart dish, String Bean Chicken Breast has a lot of flavor, more protein, and fewer calories.

The String Bean Chicken Breast dish features generous pieces of chicken breast wok-tossed with string beans and onions using a light ginger soy sauce.

12. Panda Express Kung Pao Chicken

Best Panda Express Menu Items

Another staple is Kung Pao Chicken, a delectable combination of robust veggies and spicy chicken bits.

Even if you’re apprehensive about eating hot food, you might still enjoy this.

Despite being one of Panda Express’s spicier options, you can ignore the chili peppers for a flavorful dish that won’t overpower your palate.

Additionally, Kung Pao Chicken is a Wok Smart entrée. It is a chicken meal with red chili peppers, veggies, green onions, and peanuts that is inspired by Sichuan cuisine.

The meal typically contains bell peppers and bits of zucchini, though the veggies can vary depending on the establishment and the season.

13. Panda Express Chow Mein

Best Panda Express Menu Items

Although Chow Mein is officially a side dish and a substitute for rice, you can order it by itself and enjoy it.

They stir-fry sliced cabbage, celery, and onions with the wheat noodles, imparting flavor to them.

If you typically eat Chinese food with rice, consider trying it with chow mein noodles for a change. Chow mein, unlike lo mein, refers to fried noodles.

The chow mein noodles at Panda Express have a mushy feel rather than a crispy one, but the vegetables add a small amount of crunch and diversity.

14. Panda Express Eggplant Tofu

Best Panda Express Menu Items

The Eggplant Tofu is a must-order for all of our vegetarian friends.

If you’re fortunate enough to come across it, don’t pass up the chance to eat this full and savory vegetarian dish even if it’s not always accessible.

The braised eggplant is soft but not mushy. In this recipe, they fry crispy cubes of tofu to create a delightful texture combination that complements the soft eggplant.

You may have tried tofu with a soft consistency.

Crisp bell peppers add a welcome crunch as well, and a sweet and sour sauce is swirled with the dish. Finding food that is both healthy and delightful is uncommon.

15. Panda Express Fried Rice

Best Panda Express Menu Items

All Chinese food must have rice as a side dish, but fried rice kicks your dinner up a notch by adding flavor and some extra vegetables.

You can choose to eat fried rice in place of chow mein as your main course.

At Panda Express, they steam and serve white rice, and then they stir-fry it with soy sauce, eggs, peas, carrots, and green onions.

Despite not being sufficient to “count” as a serving or add to the nutritional content of the dish, the vegetables do add color and diversity, especially when compared to the plain steamed rice.

15 Best Panda Express Menu Items Reviews

Broccoli Beef: There’s a good reason why fans love this traditional dish. They cook the broccoli to perfection, and the beef is both tasty and tender. The sauce unites the food wonderfully and has a subtle sweet and savory flavor.

String Bean Chicken Breast: Those seeking a lighter and healthier lunch might consider this dish. The string beans are still crisp, and the chicken has been expertly cooked. The sauce doesn’t overshadow the other flavors and is light and energizing.

Kung Pao Chicken: Compared to some of the other dishes on the list, this one is a little bit spicier, but it’s still incredibly tasty. They stir-fry the chicken with vegetables, peanuts, and various spices in a spicy sauce. For those seeking a dish with a little kick, it’s a fantastic option.

Beijing Beef: This dish consists of finely sliced beef stir-fried with vegetables and a sweet and sour sauce. The vegetables are cooked properly, and the beef is tender and tasty. The sauce pairs well with the beef because it is slightly acidic & sweet.

Stir-Fried Vegetables: Those seeking a nutritious vegetarian dinner can choose this recipe. The vegetables are expertly stir-fried & the sauce is tasty & light. It is a fantastic method to obtain your recommended daily intake of vegetables.

Orange Chicken: They produce this well-liked dish by breading and frying chicken, and then mixing it with a tangy and sweet orange sauce. The sauce has the ideal ratio of sweet & sour & the chicken is crispy and tasty.

Honey Walnut Shrimp: In this recipe, they combine breaded and fried shrimp with a sweet and nutty honey walnut sauce. The sauce has the ideal ratio of sweetness to nuttiness & the shrimp are crunchy & tasty.

Chow Mein: They prepare this traditional Chinese cuisine with noodles, vegetables, and either pork or fish. Panda Express prepares its chow mein with a choice of noodles, vegetables, and either chicken, beef, or shrimp. It’s a fantastic alternative for people looking for a filling & hearty supper.

Fried Rice: This traditional Chinese recipe calls for rice, vegetables & either pork Or seafood. Panda Express prepares fried rice with a choice of rice, vegetables, and either chicken, beef, or shrimp. It’s a fantastic alternative for people looking for a filling & hearty supper.

Eggplant Tofu: They stir-fry eggplant and tofu in a sweet and savory sauce to create this dish. The tofu is perfectly cooked, and the eggplant is fragrant and soft. The sauce pairs wonderfully with the eggplant & tofu since it has a hint of sweetness & acidity.

Cream Cheese Rangoon: These cream cheese & crab meat-filled wontons are deep-fried. The cream cheese filling is thick and creamy & they are crunchy and tasty.

Black Pepper Chicken: Black pepper, veggies & chicken are stir-fried together to make this dish. The black pepper sauce is mildly savory & spicy & the chicken is delicate and tasty.

Mushroom Chicken: In this recipe, mushrooms & veggies are stir-fried with chicken. The Mushroom sauce is thick & creamy & the chicken is tasty & tender.

Beijing Chicken: They stir-fry chicken with vegetables in a sweet and savory sauce to create this dish. The sauce is somewhat sweet & acidic & the chicken is tasty & tender.

Chow Mein with Vegetables: Noodles, vegetables & a choice of protein are the ingredients in this recipe. It is a fantastic choice for people looking for a substantial lunch that is also healthful.

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Panda Express offers a wide selection of delectable cuisine products, each with its own distinctive flavors and attractions. There is something for every taste, from the grilled Teriyaki chicken to the savory Fried Rice.

Panda Express features a variety of cuisine to suit your tastes, whether they are robust and spicy or lighter and healthier.

Try out these 15 of Panda Express’s top food offerings the next time you go for a truly memorable dining experience.

FAQs About Best Panda Express Menu Items

Are these food items available in all Panda Express locations?

Yes, these food items are available in most Panda Express locations. However, menu items may vary slightly depending on the region.

Can I customize these dishes to suit my dietary preferences?

Panda Express offers some customization options, such as requesting for less sauce or adding extra vegetables. However, certain dietary restrictions or preferences may have limitations.

Are the food items on the Panda Express menu MSG-free?

Panda Express has made efforts to reduce the use of MSG (monosodium glutamate) in their dishes. However, some items may still contain naturally occurring glutamates or glutamate-rich ingredients.

Can I find nutritional information for Panda Express menu items?

Yes, Panda Express provides detailed nutritional information for their menu items on their official website. You can find information regarding calories, fat, protein, and other nutrients there.

What are some good Panda Express menu items for people with dietary restrictions?

Gluten-free, vegan & vegetarian menu options are available at Panda Express in many different varieties. You can find a list of all their options that accommodate dietary restrictions on their website.

Does Panda Express deliver?

Yes, Panda Express provides delivery through a variety of providers, including DoorDash, Uber Eats & Grubhub.

How much does Panda Express cost?

The price of Panda Express changes based on the things you order & the restaurant’s location. However, people often consider it a cost-effective option.

Are there any seasonal or limited-time offerings at Panda Express?

Yes, Panda Express occasionally introduces seasonal or limited-time offerings, such as special holiday-themed dishes or promotional items. These items may vary from location to location.

Can I order Panda Express online?

Yes, Panda Express offers online ordering through their official website or mobile app. You can place your order and choose your preferred pickup or delivery option.

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