Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

What are the Panda Express Dairy Free Menu? If you are not aware of the Panda Express Dairy Free Menu, you have come to the right place.You might be wondering if Panda Express offers any dairy-free choices if you have a dairy allergy or intolerance. There are, which is wonderful news!

In this article, we’ll examine the Panda Express menu’s dairy-free selections so you can have a great and filling lunch without worrying about your dietary requirements.

In addition, we’ll offer advice on how to order a dairy-free meal at Panda Express.

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Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

Panda Express Dairy Free Menu Options are important to know if you want to eat at the restaurant.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Panda Express Dairy Free Menu.

Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

Here is the full Panda Express Dairy Free menu, which includes some tasty meat and rice dishes.

Their famous orange chicken is the only thing that’s not there.

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Panda Express Dairy Free Menu in 2023

Here are all the things you can get at Panda Express. Just keep in mind that there is a chance of cross contamination.

Panda Express Appetizers

  • chicken potstickers

Panda Express Beef

  • beef and broccoli
  • shanghai angus steak

Panda Express Shrimp

  • golden treasure shrimp

Panda Express Veggies

  • eggplant tofu
  • country style bean curd
  • hot szechuan tofu

Panda Express Chicken

  • grilled teriyaki chicken
  • mushroom chicken
  • string bean chicken
  • firecracker chicken
  • sweet fire chicken
  • sweet and sour chicken
  • black pepper chicken
  • king pao chicken
  • asian chicken
  • grilled asian chicken

Panda Express Rice

  • brown rice
  • white rice

Panda Express Noodles

  • chow mein

Panda Express Sauces

  • hot mustard
  • plum sauce
  • teriyaki sauce
  • mandarin
  • chili sauce
  • sweet and sour
  • soy soauce

Hope you find something delicious to eat on this Panda Express Dairy-Free Menu.

Top 5 Dairy-Free Picks at Panda Express

1. Panda Express Kung Pao Chicken

Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

Discover the vibrant tastes of Kung Pao Chicken, a dairy-free dish containing succulent chicken, peanuts, vegetables, and a hot sauce.

Choose steamed rice as the foundation to make it healthier, and think about asking for less sauce to lower the overall calorie and sodium load.

Fill up on vegetables to increase the volume and nutritional value of your Kung Pao Chicken dinner.

2. Panda Express Eggplant Tofu

Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

Enjoy the distinctive flavors of Eggplant Tofu, a dairy-free treat that combines smooth tofu and tender eggplant that have been cooked in a savory sauce.

Steamed rice and extra vegetables are both better options that will up the fiber and nutritional value of your meal.

To lower the overall calorie and fat content of your eggplant tofu, think about asking for less oil to be used in its cooking.

3. Panda Express Wok-Fired Shrimp

Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

Enjoy the tasty, dairy-free Wok-Fired Shrimp, which blends shrimp with a variety of vegetables. To reduce the amount of sodium and calories consumed, serve it with steamed rice and think about asking for the sauce on the side.

Steamed rice is a better option than fried rice for cutting down on the overall fat level of your meal.

4. Panda Express Black Pepper Chicken

Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

At Panda Express, savor the delectable Black Pepper Chicken. Tender chicken is stir-fried with vibrant veggies in this dairy-free recipe, along with a spicy black pepper sauce.

Combine it with steamed rice and select a side of Super Greens for more nutrients and fiber to make it a healthy option.

Steamed rice is a healthier alternative to fried rice for cutting calories and fat from your meal.

5. Panda Express Broccoli Beef

Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

Enjoy the traditional, dairy-free Broccoli Beef. In a wonderful sauce, this meal mixes tender meat with fresh broccoli. Ask for extra vegetables and serve it with brown rice for a healthy option that will increase the fiber value of your meal.

To reduce the sodium content of your meal, ask for less sauce or order it on the side.

FAQs – Panda Express Dairy Free Menu

Does Panda orange chicken have dairy in it?

There is milk in the Orange Chicken at Panda Express.

Does Panda Express Spring rolls have dairy?

This dish has wheat and soy in it. The Allergen Guide for Panda Express doesn’t list any milk or egg allergens in their Spring Rolls.

Is there dairy in orange chicken from Panda Express?

There is milk in the Orange Chicken from Panda Express.

Are all the items on the Panda Express menu dairy-free?

Panda Express provides dairy-free options, however not all of their menu items are. If you have particular dietary needs, you must check the ingredients and speak with the staff.

Are there any desserts available on the Panda Express dairy-free menu?

Panda Express doesn’t currently sell desserts free of dairy. The menu is still being expanded, so it’s worth checking for updates.

Can I find nutritional information for the dairy-free options at Panda Express?

Yes, Panda Express offers comprehensive nutritional information both online and in-person. You can use this knowledge to guide your decision-making depending on your dietary requirements.

This article gives complete information about Panda Express Dairy Free Menu.

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