Panda Express Drinks Menu

Looking for the Panda Express Drinks Menu?

We’ll list every beverage available at Panda Express in this blog post, along with their sizes & costs. In addition, We’ll assist you in selecting the ideal beverage to complement your Panda Express meal.

Panda Express has what you are craving, whether it’s a tasty smoothie, a sweet tea, or a refreshing Soda. In order to understand more About the Panda Express Drinks Menu, keep reading!

Panda Express Drinks Menu

Panda Express 😄 is a Popular chain of fast casual Restaurants that serve a wide range Of American Chinese food. Along with tasty Food, they have a variety of refreshing drinks to go with it.

Panda Express Drinks Menu

Classic soft 🥤 drinks like Coca-Cola and Sprite are on their menu, along with iced tea, lemonade & orange juice. They also have hot tea for people who would rather drink something warm.

In some places, you can also get beer & wine. Therefore, Panda Express menu has something For everyone, whether they are craving something sweet Or something to satisfy their thirst.

Panda Express Drinks Menu Prices

Below are the prices of Panda Express 🥤 drinks menu.

Drink Size Price
Coca-Cola Regular $2.50
Coca-Cola Large $3.00
Dr Pepper Regular $2.50
Dr Pepper Large $3.00
Coca-Cola Cherry Regular $2.50
Coca-Cola Cherry Large $3.00
Sprite Regular $2.50
Sprite Large $3.00
Barq’s Root Beer Regular $2.50
Barq’s Root Beer Large $3.00
Fanta Strawberry Regular $2.50
Fanta Strawberry Large $3.00
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Regular $2.50
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Large $3.00
Sweet Tea Regular $2.50
Sweet Tea Large $3.00
Classic Lemonade Regular $2.50
Classic Lemonade Large $3.00
Strawberry Lemonade Regular $2.50
Strawberry Lemonade Large $3.00
Raspberry Lemonade Regular $2.50
Raspberry Lemonade Large $3.00
Hibiscus Lemonade Regular $2.50
Hibiscus Lemonade Large $3.00
Mango Smoothie Regular $4.55
Mango Smoothie Large $5.15

Panda Express Drinks Special Menu

There isn’t a distinct “Special” Drinks Menu at Panda Express. They do, however, provide a selection of distinctive & energizing drinks that are not offered at other fast food outlets.

Here are a few of Panda Express’s most well-liked specialty drinks:

  • Mango Smoothie: A delicious and refreshing smoothie made with real mango and other tropical fruits.
  • Hibiscus Lemonade: A tart and tangy lemonade made with hibiscus flowers.
  • Strawberry Lemonade: A classic lemonade with a sweet strawberry twist.
  • Raspberry Lemonade: A tart and tangy lemonade with a sweet raspberry twist.
  • Classic Lemonade: A classic lemonade made with fresh lemons and sugar.

Water, sodas, teas & other beverages are also available at Panda Express. Try one of their distinctive and refreshing beverages if you are looking for Something unusual.

Panda Express Drink Calories

The number of Calories in a 🥂 Drink at Panda Express can change depending on its size and type. Here are how many calories are in some Of Panda Express most Popular Drinks:

  • Small soft drink (12 fl oz): 130 calories
  • Medium soft drink (16 fl oz): 170 calories
  • Large soft drink (22 fl oz): 240 calories
  • Iced tea (22 fl oz): 120 calories
  • Lemonade (22 fl oz): 220 calories
  • Orange Juice (22 fl oz): 240 calories
  • Hot Tea (16 fl oz): 0 calories

It’s crucial to remember that these numbers are approximations and could change based on the location. For the most accurate calorie count, it is usually better to check with the restaurant Or consult their online nutrition information.

Additionally, it’s crucial to note that eating a balanced diet might help prevent weight gain & other health problems caused by consuming to many calorie-dense Beverages.

Panda Express Drinks Menu Nutrition Facts

Drink Size Calories Sugar
Coca-Cola Regular 200 44g
Coca-Cola Large 290 65g
Dr Pepper Regular 200 44g
Dr Pepper Large 290 65g
Coca-Cola Cherry Regular 200 44g
Coca-Cola Cherry Large 290 65g
Sprite Regular 200 44g
Sprite Large 290 65g
Barq’s Root Beer Regular 200 44g
Barq’s Root Beer Large 290 65g
Fanta Strawberry Regular 200 44g
Fanta Strawberry Large 290 65g
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Regular 0 0g
Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Large 0 0g
Sweet Tea Regular 140 44g
Sweet Tea Large 180 53g
Classic Lemonade Regular 100 25g
Classic Lemonade Large 120 30g
Strawberry Lemonade Regular 100 25g
Strawberry Lemonade Large 120 30g
Raspberry Lemonade Regular 100 25g
Raspberry Lemonade Large 120 30g
Hibiscus Lemonade Regular 100 25g
Hibiscus Lemonade Large 120 30g
Mango Smoothie Regular 250 53g
Mango Smoothie Large 300 64g

How To Order Drinks From the Panda Express Menu

It’s easy and straight-forward to order a drink at Panda Express:

Go To a Panda express: Find a Panda Express Restaurant near you & go there.

Check The Menu: When you get inside, You will See a menu board with All the things you can buy. Find the Section of the Menu that talks About drinks.

Place your order: Once you know what Drink you want, go to the counter & tell them what you want. You can Also place your Order online or through a mobile App, if you can.

Pay for your order: Once You’ve put in your order, you’ll be Asked to pay. You can use cash or a credit or debit card to pay.

Get your drink: Once your payment is Processed, your drink will be ready for you. Drink it with your meal Or take it with you.

Please keep in mind that some Locations may have a different way to order. Call the restaurant or check their website before you go.


There are several selections on the Panda Express beverages menu, including sodas, teas & smoothies.

Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Sprite & mango smoothies are the most popular beverages on the menu. Water & unsweetened tea are just a couple of the healthy beverage options that Panda Express provides.

There is a drink on the Panda Express menu that is appropriate for you no matter what your dietary requirements or tastes are. Check out the beverages menu the next time you visit Panda Express to locate the ideal beverage to accompany your meal.

FAQs About Panda Express Drinks Menu

What types of drinks does Panda Express serve?

At Panda Express, you can get soft drinks, iced tea, lemonade, Orange juice & hot tea, among other drinks. There may Also be beer & wine at some places.

How much does a drink at Panda Express cost?

The price of a drink at Panda Express can change based On where you are and how big the drink is. Most of the time, a small drink will cost around $3. Check with the Panda Express location closest to you to find out about their drink prices & deals.

Does Panda Express use alcohol?

Panda Express uses pure orange extract, Which is made from “Oil of orange, alcohol & water,” To Give the frozen dark meat chicken chunks their orange-like flavour.

Does Panda have Coke or Pepsi?

Coca-Cola Fountain drinks like Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero Sugar, Sprite & Fanta Orange, As well As bottled drinks Like Dasani Sparkling & Honest Tea, Are sold At Panda Express, Panda Inn & Hibachi San Locations in the 48 contiguous states Of the United States.

What is the most popular drink at Panda Express?

The Coca-Cola is the most Popular beverage at Panda Express.

What are the healthiest drink options at Panda Express?

The water & unsweetened tea are the healthiest beverages at Panda Express.

What are the sugary drink options at Panda Express?

Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola Cherry, Sprite, Barq’s Root Beer, Fanta Strawberry & Coca-Cola Zero Sugar are among the sugary beverages available at Panda Express.

Does Panda Express offer any diet drinks?

Yes, the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is available at Panda Express.

Does Panda Express offer any tea drinks?

The Classic Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Raspberry Lemonade & Hibiscus Lemonade are all available at Panda Express.

Does Panda Express offer any fruit drinks?

Yes, both the Strawberry Lemonade and the Hibiscus Lemonade are available at Panda Express.

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