Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken: What To Know Before Ordering

Don’t you know Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken: What To Know Before Ordering? About it.

You undoubtedly have a few inquiries if you are considering ordering the honey sesame chicken from Panda Express. We’ll address all of your concerns about this well-liked dish in this article so you can decide whether Or not to buy it.

We’ll share some delectable side dishes that you may order with Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken as well as advice on how to order it in a healthy approach.

Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken

At Panda Express, there is a clear and audible cult following for the orange chicken. But over the years, its sweeter and less spicy relative, honey sesame chicken, has discreetly built itself its own fan base.

The dish’s ingredients also include sesame seeds, stir-fried vegetables, sweet and tangy honey sesame sauce, and tender strips of all-white beef. The journey to the official Panda Express menu for the honey sesame chicken was not straightforward.

Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken

The entree, according to Delish, was introduced in 2013 and made sporadic appearances on menus for seven years before being elevated from a limited-time to a full-time place in the menu in 2020.

The fact that honey sesame chicken is one of the few entrees at Panda Express without any spice may account for a significant portion of why this dish has not garnered as much attention.

On all of that, however, more later. The honey-infused flavors in this meal may be right up your alley if you have a sweet tooth. Additionally, the honey sesame chicken is a fantastic alternative if you are searching for an entree to counterbalance hotter food like Beijing beef.

Here is all the information you need to know about the honey sesame chicken from Panda Express, including the side that most customers believe it goes well with.

What is Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken?

Honey sesame chicken is an entree that includes “crispy strips of white-meat chicken with veggies in a mildly sweet sauce with organic honey,” according to a Panda Express menu on Yelp.

In a sizzling wok with a delicious sweet honey sesame sauce, it “combines thin premium chicken strips, fresh-cut string beans, and crisp yellow bell peppers.”

It has long been a fan favorite and, like other entrees, is available with any size combo meal. If customers do not want sides or more protein, they can order it a la carte.

One of the first sweet sauce-based meals to include sesame seeds and not have a spicy undertone, honey sesame chicken was a significant debut for Panda Express.

According to chief chef Andy Kao of Panda Express, “traditional Chinese cooking frequently uses honey and sesame as premium ingredients.”

Panda’s famous orange chicken has a kick to it despite being covered in a sweet and sour sauce. As existing customers are aware, Panda now offers more meals with a sweet theme, such as honey walnut shrimp.

When Did it Come Out, And is it a Permanent Staple?

The honey sesame chicken had its official debut in 2013 and repeatedly served as a guest entree until being added to Panda Express’s permanent menu in October 2020.

Delish reports that when Panda Express brought back the dish once more in August 2020, fans were unaware that it was there to stay.

We noted that Panda Express was commemorating the addition of honey sesame chicken to their regular menu by giving away a year’s worth of the dish.

Customers were urged to participate in a promotion that gave away a $365 Panda Express gift card to one lucky winner.

The prepaid sum was the correct calculation of 52 orders (or one each week) of honey sesame chicken, not a riff or word play. The number of days in a year happened to be equal to the value of the gift card.

How is it Made?

Freshly sliced yellow bell peppers, green beans, and crispy battered chicken strips are cooked in a honey sesame sauce for the meal known as honey sesame chicken.

Real sesame seeds are used to adorn the food, which is served with steamed white rice or a side of your choosing from Panda Express.

Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken

At least that is what you will learn at Panda Express.

There are numerous copycat recipes that demonstrate how to make a dish similar to this one at home, despite the fact that the chain has not publicly released the recipe for it. It is regrettable for lovers of honey sesame.

Because the dish at Panda Express involves both battering and frying, the copycat recipe requires the preparation of both a wet batter (comprising eggs, salt, and pepper) and a dry batter (consisting of cornstarch, flour, salt, and pepper).

The blog uses the same basic ingredients as Panda, including the same vegetables. Sesame sauce includes nine components and nine separate measures, so you must pay special attention to it.

The chicken and veggies are cooked and stir-fried separately in different pots. They are then mixed together and covered in a honey-sesame glaze. Plan ahead because making this dish requires a lot of patience and time.

Is It a Customer Favorite?

Is chicken with honey-sesame sauce a popular dish? The actual query is: Can you think of any other Panda Express dish that has its own line of merchandise?

Customers can now both eat and wear honey sesame chicken, that is correct.

According to Her Campus, the American-Chinese restaurant chain declared in September 2020 that it will introduce an official merchandising line in honor of the seventh appearance of honey sesame chicken on the menu.

Because it was still a limited-time meal from Panda at the time, honey sesame chicken was regarded as a guest dish.

The Swag Shop at Panda Express has a ton of amusing clothing items, including blouses, hats, socks, pins, blazers, and even adult onesies decorated with the chicken meal.

Customers may also buy baby onesies featuring images of pandas, fortune cookies, and takeaway boxes, as well as a t-shirt with an orange chicken theme.

There are many options available, whether you are searching for a hilarious birthday gift, a stocking stuffer, or just want to flaunt your love of honey sesame chicken.

The majority of the clothing and accessories fall between $15 and $18, with prices ranging from $15 to $60.

How Does it Taste?

The honey sesame chicken might end up replacing the spicy meals at Panda Express as your new favorite. Fans were reassured by YouTube food critic Fast Food Pit Stops that the dish has “no heat, all flavor.”

He notably mentioned how the chicken is “nice and sweet” and the vegetables “retain a little bit of crispiness.”

Combining all of it with the sesame seeds’ crunch, you have a dish that this YouTuber highly suggests trying. He thinks chow mein goes with it the finest.

One of YouTuber Something New’s top two favorite dishes at Panda is the honey walnut shrimp, so he was eager to sample this equally delicious meal.

Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken

The chicken was “crispy yet tender all in one bite,” he informed the audience, adding that he liked the composition of the green beans and the peppers.

Finally, Something New rated it as his “fourth or fifth” favorite item at Panda, awarding it a final score of 7.5 out of 10. He said, “I see why Panda Express made it a permanent item on their menu. It is definitely a welcome addition.

In an unexpected turn of events, Mashed rated the Panda Express honey sesame chicken as one of the worst dishes you can have.

Also unimpressed, Thrillist placed it in tenth place out of fifteen. Perhaps that was a bad day? Use your own discretion; these YouTubers surely appear to like the entree.

How Much Does It Cost?

Everything at Panda Express is equally competitive in terms of price and ordering method.

Not your choice of entree or side, but the meal’s kind and size (bowl, plate, or larger plate) determines its cost.

The only exception to this rule is for the “premium entrees,” which include the black pepper angus steak and honey walnut shrimp. These entrees come with an additional price starting at $1.25 (which may vary depending on the portion size).

Use the Panda Express store locator to get the precise cost of your meal because menu prices vary by state and city.

You can use this helpful tool to see the menu at your neighborhood Panda Express and check which items could be out of stock that day.

Nobody should be surprised that the pricing at the Panda Express chains in New York City are some of the highest.

A bowl of honey sesame chicken costs $9.50, a plate costs $11, and a larger dish costs $12.50, according to menus in several cities. Residents outside of New York City should anticipate paying $1 to $2 less.

How To Order Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken

If you have ever ordered from Panda Express, you are aware that there are only a limited number of ways to order each entree (i.e., everything other than the appetizers and sides).

This simplifies the ordering line, which is convenient for you as well as the staff.

Remember that Panda Express cooks its entrees ahead of time while assembling your bowl or plate; therefore, they do not permit custom requests, substitutions, or adjustments to the level of spice or sweetness.

Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken

It may be beneficial to first browse Panda’s online menu if you are a new client or are considering expanding your meal selection beyond orange chicken.

You can choose to have your meal in a bowl, plate, or “bigger plate” there. The smallest amount of food in the bowl includes one side dish and one entree. A plate includes one side and two entrees, while a larger dish includes one side and three entrees.

In the latter case, if you want leftovers or are sharing, it might be a smart idea. It should be noted that consumers can order two or three plate servings of one type of entree.

Customers can choose between two different types of sides, which include chow mein, white rice, fried rice, and super greens.

Just the honey sesame chicken is what you want? Order it by the piece! For all meals and sides, Panda Express also provides small, medium, and large a la carte boxes.

Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken Nutrition Facts

Nutrient Amount per Serving Daily Value (%)
Calories 420 21%
Fat 22g 34%
Saturated Fat 4g 20%
Cholesterol 45mg 15%
Sodium 480mg 21%
Carbohydrates 40g 13%
Fiber 2g 8%
Sugar 17g 19%
Protein 16g 32%

Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken Review

→”I adore the honey sesame chicken at Panda Express! The chicken is usually cooked to perfection, and it has a sweet and savory flavor. My normal side orders are chow mein and white rice. Sarah J.

→Although Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken is generally nice, I find it to be a little too sweet. Making my own Honey Sesame Chicken at home allows me to manage the sugar content. – John D.

→”I don’t like Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken very much. Frequently, the sauce is overly sweet and the chicken is dry. Other Panda Express menu items, such Orange Chicken or Kung Pao Chicken, are what I usually order. – Mary S.

In general, people seem to either adore or loathe the Honey Sesame Chicken from Panda Express. I advise getting a sample first if you’re unsure of whether you’ll enjoy it before ordering a full plate.

Opening and Closing Hours

Day Opening Hours Closing Hours
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Panda Express Contact Information

➥ Panda Express Corporate Office Address:

Panda Restaurant Group, Inc.
P.O. Box 1159 1683 Walnut Grove Ave
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➥ Panda Express Corporate Phone Number: (626) 799-9898

➥ Panda Express Toll-Free Number: (800) 877-8988


Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken is a flavorful and satisfying dish that has captured the hearts and taste buds of many. With its perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors, it offers a delightful dining experience.

Remember to indulge in moderation, be mindful of the nutritional information, and consider customization options to suit your preferences.

Whether you visit a Panda Express location or try your hand at making it at home, this dish is sure to satisfy your Chinese food cravings.

FAQs About Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken

What is Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken?

To create the sweet and savory Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken meal, they bread chicken pieces, cover them in a honey sesame sauce, and serve them with vegetables. One of the most well-liked items on the Panda Express Menu is this one.

Is Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken spicy?

No, the Honey Sesame Chicken is not spicy. It has a sweet and savory flavor profile.

Can I order Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken for delivery?

Yes, you can order Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken for delivery through various third-party delivery platforms. Check the availability in your area.

Can I reheat leftover Honey Sesame Chicken?

Yes, you can reheat leftover Honey Sesame Chicken. It is best to use a microwave or oven to retain its texture and flavor.

Does Panda Express offer catering services for events or parties?

Yes, Panda Express provides catering services for various events and parties. Contact your local store or visit their website for more information.

What are the main ingredients in Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken?

The main ingredients in Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken include chicken breast, honey, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, cornstarch, vinegar, and sesame seeds.

Is Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken gluten-free?

No, Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken is not gluten-free as it contains soy sauce, which usually contains gluten. If you have gluten intolerance or celiac disease, it’s best to avoid this dish.

How many calories are in a serving of Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken?

A typical serving of Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken contains approximately 490 calories. However, the calorie content may vary depending on portion size and specific ingredients used.

Can I customize my order of Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken?

Yes, you can customize your order by requesting modifications such as extra sauce, adding or removing certain ingredients, or opting for a lighter sauce. Speak to the staff and they will assist you with your preferences.

Is Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken available internationally?

Panda Express has expanded internationally, but the availability of Honey Sesame Chicken may vary depending on the country and region. Check with your local Panda Express or visit their website for more information.

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