We Tried The New Plant-Based Chicken At Panda Express

In case you didn’t know, We Tried The New Plant-Based Chicken At Panda Express. All information about it is presented to you here.

We’ll offer you an in-depth analysis of the new meal in this blog article, covering its flavor, texture & nutritional content.

We’ll also address some of the most often asked queries about the new plant-based chicken, such as whether it’s suitable for vegans, gluten-free & kids.

So why are you still waiting? Here’s everything there is to know about Panda Express’ new plant-based chicken.

We Tried The New Plant-Based Chicken At Panda Express

Plant-based goods are now commonplace. It’s been clear for a while that plant-based substitutes for traditional meat are on the way perhaps the most pervasive trend in food in the previous five years.

However, Panda Express, the newest fast food restaurant to provide plant-based meat, may be the best sign of their undeniable rise. What other sign of popularity is there if not that?

We Tried The New Plant-Based Chicken At Panda Express

Don’t get too excited just yet, though; for the time being, Panda Express is just “testing” the dish at a few locations in Southern California and New York City. Beyond the Original Orange Chicken was added to Panda Express’ menu this week.

By working with Beyond Meat on a product that has historically proven beyond dependable for the brand, they’re dipping their toes in the plant-based waters, if you will.

According to KTLA News, Panda Express sold over 100 million pounds of its iconic Orange Chicken last year, which accounts for a third of their total sales.

The Original Orange Chicken from Panda Express would be the best location to begin exploring with plant-based substitutes.

Aside from getting a few scoops, we were able to locate one of the 13 places that now serves Beyond the Original Orange Chicken. You should be aware of the following.

What’s in the Beyond the Original Orange Chicken?

With the exception of the absence of meat, the Beyond the Original Orange Chicken is a near-exact replica of Panda Express’s original, well-known, and adored orange chicken.

That means, sure, you can expect all of the distinctive crunch and the strangely orange-tasting stickiness if you’re a fan of the original meaty form.

Naturally, the difference is that, instead of containing chicken, that opulent, fried exterior layer now contains Beyond Meat, which is primarily composed of fava beans and peas.

As far as we can tell, you may substitute the Beyond the Original Orange Chicken for any of the dishes that you would typically serve real chicken with.

When we entered the New York City restaurant where the new dish is being tested, it was openly displayed next to its animal flesh counterpart and was prepared to be served a la carte or combined.

Panda Express Plant Based Orange Chicken Ingredients

Plant-Based Chicken: A specially formulated plant-based protein made from ingredients such as soy and wheat.

Orange Sauce: A flavorful sauce made with ingredients like orange juice, soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, garlic, and ginger.

Cornstarch: Used as a thickening agent for the sauce and to coat the plant-based chicken.

Vegetable Oil: Used for frying the plant-based chicken to achieve a crispy texture.

Salt: Added for seasoning and enhancing the overall taste.

Pepper: Used to add a touch of heat and flavor to the dish.

Water: Used in the sauce preparation and cooking process.

Garnish (Optional): Chopped green onions or sesame seeds can be used as a garnish for added visual appeal and taste.

How Much Does it Cost?

With fast food and fast casual franchises, one thing you can almost always rely on is that prices can differ dramatically between locations.

Depending on a wide range of variables, a $5 box of fried rice in one market might only cost $3 in another.

Having said that, the two regions where Panda Express is testing its Beyond the Original Orange Chicken—New York City and Southern California—may have the highest rate of price inflation.

We Tried The New Plant-Based Chicken At Panda Express

We boarded the six train in New York City and made our way to the Upper East Side test site. It’s not a cheap neighborhood, as Gossip Girl fans are aware.

A side of fried rice is available at the Panda Express in that area for $5.55, and a medium box of their Original Orange Chicken usually costs $10.55.

We ordered a medium dish of the Beyond The Original Orange Chicken, a side of fried rice, two complementary fortune cookies, and discovered that the “chicken” only cost $11.20, or just a dollar more than the actual chicken.

Thankfully, Panda Express appears to have maintained the cost of this chicken substitute at a similar level.

Where and When is it Available?

Everything, including the present pricing, about Beyond the Original Orange Chicken is liable to change.

The brand-new product is now only being tested in a small number of markets for a brief period of time, while supplies last.

This test’s rollout started on Monday, June 26, and it appears that how long you’ll be able to obtain a sample will depend on how well-liked the plant-based business is.

Ten locations in Southern California and three in New York City are among those that serve Beyond the Original Orange Chicken, which Panda Express has proudly listed on an entire webpage.

It’s important to note that delivery services hadn’t updated their Panda Express menus to reflect the temporary new feature when we attempted to get our Beyond the Original Orange Chicken delivered.

It’s likely that you will need to make a trip to the actual restaurant if you want to take advantage of this promotion.

How Does it Compare To The Original Orange Chicken?

Online rumors claim that Beyond the Original Orange Chicken tastes identical to the fabled Original Orange Chicken. We vehemently object to those murmurs.

Although the fried exterior layer of the two menu items is the same, the differences between the actual chicken and the plant-based meat substitute are sufficient to distinguish them from one another.

We Tried The New Plant-Based Chicken At Panda Express

For instance, the distinctive form and grooves and dips that each piece of chicken has makes it a distinguishing feature of the traditional Original Orange Chicken.

While delicious, these Beyond the Original Orange Chicken bits are considerably more uniform and conventional in shape. Nearly all of them are nearly rectangular, around the same size, and noticeably devoid of any sort of intriguing texture.

While you can’t taste the fava beans and peas, per se, the flavor unmistakably indicates that the dish is made of plant-based ingredients. The “meat” itself is also unmistakably not chicken.

What’s The Nutritional Value?

However, the fact that the meal is plant-based is helping it to be more nutrient-dense.

Beyond the Original Orange Chicken has fewer calories and less salt than the Original Orange Chicken. What is the main distinction in terms of health between the Original Orange Chicken and its new Beyond sibling?

According to KTLA, Beyond the Original Orange Chicken has nearly no cholesterol compared to Panda Express famous Original, which has 80 mg.

So there’s no doubt that the Beyond the Original Orange Chicken is your friend if you’re trying to lower your cholesterol.

Despite this, the Beyond the Original Orange Chicken does not include enough health benefits to be considered a nutritious food.

The original breading is still there in the new dish, which is good for flavor but bad for your health.

The Beyond the Original Orange Chicken will likely have similar nutritional information to the original, with 19 grams of sugar and 23 grams of fat per serving.

But Did We Like It?

It’s quite surprising, but our new favorite at Panda Express is the Beyond The Original Orange Chicken.

Even though it doesn’t really resemble chicken, the crispy fried part perfectly imitates the real meat version, and the sauce remains unchanged, retaining that familiar sticky, sweet, and tangy flavor that fans of the original Orange Chicken love.

The Beyond the Original Orange Chicken itself comes in small, dense, bite-sized pieces that can only be described as plant-based.

They look more like tofu than chicken, but despite the difference, there was surprisingly little grease. We might have noticed some potential dryness, but a drizzle of soy sauce easily fixed that.

Plus, we found that these tasty bites paired wonderfully with Panda Express’s fried rice. However, the real magic lies in how we felt afterward rather than just the taste at the moment.

After devouring a box of Original Orange Chicken, we usually brace for a specific type of stomach discomfort (if you catch our drift), but the plant-based substitute didn’t have the same effect on us.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this trial run becomes a permanent menu item as soon as possible.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrient Serving Size
Calories 440
Total Fat 22g
Saturated Fat 5g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 810mg
Carbohydrates 47g
Dietary Fiber 5g
Sugar 15g
Protein 13g


our experience trying the new plant-based chicken at Panda Express was overwhelmingly positive. The plant-based chicken impressed us with its appearance, texture, taste, and nutritional profile.

It serves as a convincing alternative to traditional chicken, providing a healthier and more sustainable option for customers.

Eating plant-based options like Panda Express’s new plant-based chicken is delicious, healthy, and good for the planet.

Opening and Closing Hours

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FAQs About New Plant-Based Chicken At Panda Express

What is Panda Express’s plant-based chicken made from?

Panda Express plant-based chicken is a blend of plant-based proteins and seasonings that mimics traditional chicken.

How does the taste of Panda Express’s plant-based chicken compare to real chicken?

Panda Express’s plant-based chicken is designed to closely resemble the taste and texture of real chicken. Many customers find it to be a tasty alternative to traditional chicken.

Is Panda Express’s plant-based chicken suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, Panda Express’s plant-based chicken is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians, as it is free of animal products.

Can I customize my meal with plant-based chicken at Panda Express?

Yes, you can usually substitute plant-based chicken in many of Panda Express’s menu items that originally include chicken. This allows for customization to meet your dietary preferences.

Does Panda Express charge extra for plant-based chicken?

The cost of plant-based chicken at Panda Express is usually similar to their regular chicken options. Prices may vary slightly by location.

Is Panda Express’s plant-based chicken gluten-free?

Panda Express’s plant-based chicken typically contains gluten since it’s made from wheat and soy proteins. If you have a gluten intolerance or allergy, it’s important to inquire about gluten-free options at your local Panda Express.

Are there any specific plant-based sauces or sides that pair well with the plant-based chicken at Panda Express?

Panda Express offers a variety of plant-based sauces and sides that complement their plant-based chicken. You can choose from options like steamed rice, mixed vegetables, or plant-based sauces to enhance your meal.

Is Panda Express’s plant-based chicken spicy or mild in flavor?

Panda Express’s plant-based chicken may come in various flavors, including both mild and spicy options. The specific flavor will depend on the dish you choose, so check the menu for details.

Can I order Panda Express’s plant-based chicken for catering or large group events?

Yes, Panda Express often provides catering options that include plant-based chicken. You can inquire with your local Panda Express about catering choices and availability.

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